Cork And Blarney Tour
Cork & Blarney One Day Tour

It is quite simple really; we have the best buses, the most professional drivers, the most vivid imagination and also the empathy that a tour company needs to work with such a varied clientele. Our company has been set up to concentrate on offering quality and affordable day tours in Ireland for individuals and groups alike. We have chosen six of the most popular destinations in Ireland as our prime tours that leave every day of the week from Dublin. Our custom tours will also take your groups to wherever you would like to go. We are one of the most flexible companies in Ireland with understanding staff and drivers to cater for all your needs. Feel free to contact us any time via email.

Our guides are some of the best in the business with years of experience and miles and miles (kilometres if you are European!) under their belt. They have worked with every nationality and driven to most towns and villages in Ireland at some time in their careers. For a day tour to work well and for everyone to enjoy it, it is the guide’s job to entertain, look after all guests and to answer any question that they may have during the day. This is not a simple job and no one day is alike. We can guarantee you that our guides are friendly, courteous and professional and are there to ensure you have an excellent tour.  They come from all over Ireland and are well versed in the history, culture and natural flora and fauna of Ireland. Some are natural storytellers, others are singers and may sing you a tune; we pick from the very best and only after going through a provisional period driving with us and training, will we allow them to take you on your day tour. Don’t be afraid to ask our drivers any questions. If they don’t know the answer they will find out for you by the end of the day!

Our buses range from 9 seaters for small groups, to 16 seater Volkswagen and Mercedes and all the way up to a 60 seater for the larger groups. All are equipped with seat belts and all relevant safety equipment under EU Regulations. On some of the buses there is a separate seat for a guide with a microphone but generally the driver’s seat is equipped with a microphone so he can talk to you during the day. They do not have toilet facilities but there will be ample opportunities for comfort stops along the way. There is air conditioning and lots of legroom on the buses also.

Affordability: Our tours are the most affordable on the market for day tours in Ireland. We include all entrance fees and bring you to the best spots for lunch. We understand that people are on a budget, but we do not sacrifice quantity for quality.  Our lunch stops are picked for good food, at a good price, with comfortable seating arrangements and also safe parking for the bus. Our price of €45 for the Cliffs, €55 for Cork and Blarney one day tour, €45 for Connemara, €65 for the Causeway and €45 for Belfast City are unbeatable!